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The Flip Side

When I woke up last week on Monday morning, I told myself, if I don't get a phone call today about a teaching job, it's not going to happen.  I told myself I better buck up, get used to it, and stop analyzing myself and asking the question, "If you aren't a teacher, then who are you?"  No one phoned, and it was an awful day.  I panicked, and convinced myself that I needed to find a job - ANY job, because when I am in control what can go wrong? I had a fight with my husband, who wanted me to be patient, to hold on and wait and see how things played out.  I kept telling myself that I didn't understand why he was holding me back - I can SOLVE this problem, and if no one wants me to teach for them, I'll be a receptionist! After all, I've always kind of wanted to be a receptionist. (Strange, but true fact) I was upset about money, and kids, and questioning every decision I had made over the last month.  

How important was it again, to stand up for what was …