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Merry Christmas, George Bailey

When I was young, one of my favourite times of year was December.  Not only did it mean a break from school, Christmas Eve Appetizer Night, and beautiful Christmas Day surpises and celebrations, it was also the month where my family and I sat back and took in all of the old Christmas Classics.  We watched them all...Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the really old, black and white grainy one.  The one where you can see the camera guy in the reflection of the mirror in Scrooge's bedroom the morning after the ghosts visit him.  We watched All I Want for Christmas and Miracle on 34th St, but my all time favorite is the iconic story of a man named George Bailey, in It's a Wonderful Life  starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reid.

There is nothing about the movie that's hard to like, but one of my favourite scenes involves George, and a young woman named Violet Bick.  She's the fancy girl, beautiful like Marilyn Monroe, turning every head in the town except the one she'd reall…

The Little Things

I had one of those, I'm-mad-at-the-stupid-world days yesterday. Nothing seemed to go right, from start to finish, and to top it off I had to tutor some of my students.  Actually it was the last night I would be tutoring them. So, I raced home, threw dinner somewhere in the direction of the kitchen, ran around trying to get the computer to link to the printer to print some worksheets for the night.  Dodge my daughter, who was doing what I wanted to do - cry while she wrapped herself around my legs, and at the same time reply to texts, phone calls and not stress out that my husband wasn't home on time. The fact that when I told my four year old that this was my last night of tutoring, and I wouldn't be going any more, he said "That's ok, Mommy you can keep going. I like staying at home with Daddy when you're not there" didn't help. I was snippy, rude, a poor form of cranky, all day, and by the time I arrived to tutor the kids, screaming-crazy-upset-almo…