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Chapter 7 - Part C

She hadn’t slept, but anyone who didn’t know her wouldn’t be able to tell.  After much painful deliberation and frustration, anger and some tears she’d chosen her gown.  It was simple, elegant, and she hadn’t needed any help getting into it.  She hadn’t wanted any of the other serving girls to see her like this, so Anya stayed and took care of the details herself.  The simple square necked gown  had short cropped shoulders, was silver-grey and gathered across her chest.  A large, black, she’d decided, ribbon tied under her bust, and left two long tails down the voluminous back of her dress. The gown hung loosely to the floor. She had gathered her hair around a tiara that her mother had worn, and in defiance of Andoran Grey and his new supposed rule over her Empire, she’d raided the vault until she’d found the Klein Hadar, the royal sash, decorated with symbols of her empire, a large velvet choker for her throat bearing the Talerian sapphire, on both gloved wrists large, h…

The Christmas Quiet

I have truly enjoyed this Christmas season, the family and activities, Christmas and particularly this week between Christmas and New Years, but resting in the peace that God brings to us at this time of year isn't always easy. 

Just two weeks ago upon hearing that twenty six precious lives had been stolen by an evil that one can barely digest, let alone comprehend - I found myself feeling fears again. As for most people, the news of this shooting struck my core. My own classroom is a place where I tell my students that they are safe, and secure - mostly from internal disturbances like bullying or other negative influences, as conjuring a scenario where lives were at stake was unthinkable.  I still don't know what to say, nor do I know the answers, but asked God over and over, "what good can come of this?".  I'm still not sure that I even know the answer to that, as the anguish is so harsh, and so real. But, these events have forced me to pause, slow down, consid…

Dear God,

It's here.
The season of swirling colors and lights and carols,
It's supposed to be all about Him, 
But, you can't get your mind off of the fact that there's a list,
Longer than what's manageable, 
further than your arms can reach.
Your brain turns it over while you're sleeping - 
and helpfully wakes you up at 3am to remind you...
that the stove is probably on. Or, the iron and
What day is the Christmas party?
Where is it again?
And girl, you're not wearing THAT dress.
The primping
The planning
The painting
Will there be time, this weekend,
for the kids you've barely seen all week?
What will they do,
While you're
Prepping and
Watch TV?
Wasn't it you who said, "I won't let the television raise my kids."
But there are things that need to be done. Like...
Spray the cat who's in the tree again,
knocking around those decorations you just replaced.
And muddle over the cost of groceries for the week,
Bruises are showing from the pennies a'…