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Chapter 8 - Part A

Atlantis was still confined to her own chambers.  She had almost given up hope when hope finally arrived in the form of an envelope. She clutched the small piece of folded paper in her hand.  Yesterday, Drey, Marria’s husband had arrived at her chambers with a small carved wooden cube the guards had allowed it through on the pretense that it was a gift, but Atlantis recognized it as one of Drey's famous puzzle boxes, that the children in the palace, followed him around and begged him to make.  They were lenient, knowing that Drey was a recent widower, and let him pass a few private words with the Empress.  The guards studied his gift briefly after Drey took his leave, but discarded the small box as only artistic. Trying to contain her calm demeanor, Atlantis nonchalantly took her leave of the guards in the garden and returned to her private chambers.  It was a design that she was familiar with, and after sliding her fingers over the smooth corners, she opened the box…

Reaching for the Stars - With only a Step Stool

What's your dream?

I used to love when people asked me that, because I could say "My dream is to be a writer."  It is true, it's what I've always wanted, to write down these vivid pictures that play themselves out in my mind in pieces of story.  Through highschool, and University, I would sit in my non-writing classes, and listen to the teachers, but write my own stories - instead of notes.  Hearing and reading stories has inspired me to reach into the depths of my own imagination and weave tales that interest and excite people, that captures their minds and hearts very much like mine have been by similar tales.  It's as easy for me to tell a story as it is for me to lean back and close my eyes. I've completed two "books" so far, I started writing when I was about sixteen - they are simple, poorly edited stories that come from immaturity, but always a point of pride that they are complete. The dream to write hasn't faded, it's just beco…

Chapter 7 - Part D

Once Nicolai felt the imminent danger had somewhat passed he docked the ship in Shar Riel.  The port was busy, it was easy to blend in, and it wasn't too far away from Khal Manar.  He told the docking master a partial truth, saying that they’d come from a far border outpost of the Empire.  It seemed that no one was looking for Marria, that she was lost on a list of dead or missing.  Nicolai hoped that secret was well kept.  So far as the condition of the ship, better than new; but Nicolai just couldn’t bring himself to leave the Empire without knowing that Atlantis was at least secure.  According to his doctors, Marria had made excellent progress, and they had been comfortable to release her to her own quarters.  That was another issue.  Eventually he would have to figure out what to do with his guest.  She couldn’t stay forever, and after receiving news that her husband was well at the palace, she hardly wanted to.  
    He was standing on the bridge, pouring over s…

Les Miserables - A picture of Humanity in need of Grace

Growing up, I fell in love with Musical Theater, I mean what was there not to love? Handsome, dashing men, and not only did they dance, but they danced like they did it all day, every day, like even when they were showering or making eggs. They made adventure breathless, and even in the face of lost causes, unrequited love and certain death they could sing, and when they did the entire world stopped to listen. So, when I saw that Les Miserables was going to be in theaters, I was thrilled, and now, after seeing it, continue to be amazed not so much by the surface singing and production which was brilliant, but instead by the depth of the story that Victor Hugo wanted to tell.

Though as a teenager I researched and read anything I could get my hands on about Les Miserables, the story, the performers, and what was going on in each of the songs - I once picked up a volume of the book, and found it was bigger than my Bible. Since I hadn't quite made it through that, I figured there was…