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Faith and Falling

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when a leap of faith felt more like a distinctive push? I think it's happening to me, right here, right now...real time. I feel like I am standing at the edge of a cliff, I know I should do it, I know I should jump, but I'm still staring down, down, down at that deep, long drop and thinking...You know, it's not so bad right here, right here where I am. Yet, there's that push, gentle prodding is maybe more like it, but it's inching me closer and closer...and I'm running out of ledge.

Last year, a miracle happened.  Out of the blue, against all odds, I was called by the Principal of a small school within a deeply religious community and offered a job.  It came exactly at the right time - I had no job, and no backup plan.  God stepped in.  I had a good year, as teaching goes, and so when things began to unravel quickly, like when you try to hold on to a bunch of sand, so you hold tight, and more of it gets away in spit…

Faith Like a Child

A few nights ago I was sitting in the living room with my son, he was playing and having fun, when outside a group of scruffy looking guys, bedecked in strange long beards, tattoos and chains passed by the house.  Though we see many passers by our large picture window, I'd never seen that specific group before, and just as I recoiled inwardly and my brain bounded around thoughts like, Who are they? I wouldn't want to run into them in a dark alley. Why are they walking near our house? What do they want? I hope we locked the car. My son bounded over to the front window, with a wide, welcoming smile - and he waved.  To my surprise, several of the "gang" members smiled, and one even waved back. As my son hurried back to playing and chatter, I thought When did I lose that? 

I'm not sure. When was the last time I looked at people, ALL people and instead of being frustrated that they are in my way, or not moving fast enough, or intruding on my personal space, or rude b…