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Found Waiting

Is there anything in the world worse than waiting? I know it can be annoying to have to stand in line while the woman in front of you counts out $67. 83 in quarters, or to be stuck in traffic beside the people, who just like you saw the construction signs miles away, and think that it's your obligation to hold up the cars behind you to allow them space, but I mean the waiting for those things that never seem like they are ever going to come.  That is precisely the place I've found myself in for the last 110 days (but who's counting?). 

I've found myself in every imaginable emotion for someone who feels like they've lost control of their carefully constructed little world. I've felt anger - at myself, and at times at others who I could blame for putting me in this situation, even at God for seeming to be so absent and relatively obtuse, sadness and loss, desperation, failure, anxiety, and fear - about just about anything, sometimes as simple as leaving the house,…