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Paper Snowflakes

In an effort to make some sense of being a "For-the-moment-stay-at-home-Mom," I devised a bit of a schedule in order to keep me on track, give me a sense of the job that I am doing, and give me purpose during the day.  With M off to school, and O blossoming with bucketfuls of two-year old charm and charisma one scheduled activity that seemed to be of significant importance for all of us was the short hour after dinner poorly designated "family time". 

It's a time of night that I try to come up with a simple activity that we can all do together as a family. Being that winter is indeed here, in Edmonton, and the fact that my precious M needs to build some fine motor skills through scissor use, I thought - why not snowflakes? Knowing that Miss O would likely make significant improvements to both her clothes and her hair, if granted the opportunity to wield scissors, I decided that she and I would run the glue-n'-glitter department. 

The cutting commenced, and in…

Parachute Packing and Other Odd Jobs

I thought of this post this past week, when I was in between a job interview - and finding out that the job went to someone else. I was thinking it would work well with the theme of what I was hoping to be my new job, but it didn't quite turn out that way. 

When I was young, my Dad introduced us to the story of Captain Charlie Plumb. He was a fighter pilot on the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk, and his plane was shot down over Vietnam where he remained a prisoner of war for several years.  He was released and eventually returned to the United States, where one evening several years later he had a conversation with a man, a sailor, also stationed on the Kitty Hawk and worked aboard as a parachute packer - incidentally he had packed Captain Plumb's parachute, which had saved the pilot's life.  Captain Charlie Plumb is now a motivational speaker with a strong message that he uses to impact people's lives.

This concept has been floating around in my head as I try to follow G…