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Smiling on the Train

I recently started a new job in that I am blessed enough to have to take Edmonton's LRT to work. To be honest I was scared to do it, but now that I am, I wish that the LRT went absolutely everywhere in Edmonton. My daily reprieve from fighting rush-hour traffic has not only been an interesting experience, it has also allowed me to start reading again - an activity I much prefer to driving.

Every morning and afternoon, I find myself (sometimes stuffed) into a high-speed rail car, shoulder to shoulder with old men balanced on canes, small children pasted to train windows, middle aged working girls, strange smelling college students and me.  The train is an interesting place, it's a small, confined space, where people feel obligated not to speak too loudly, and to avoid eye, and more importantly, bodily contact at all cost.

Interestingly, being with this segment of the population day in and out, has brought out some surprising res…


There was a place I used to live it was Beautiful it was My own But now it's starting to look a little run down a little old a little forgotten the wind is cooler the grass has faded rich emerald to just green and though the sky and water are still blue only blue not sapphire the once friendly faces look at me like strangers now the castles are overgrown with climbing ivy ponds are thick with algae the gates are closed because years ago I found my prince

My Pretty One

My Pretty One
The girl she is still hides away On black of black In color’s fray She sings the dawn Brings close the day But sinks to back Where eyes don’t stay
Call me here My pretty one Let us dance Beneath the sun And on the moon In dust we run.
Believe the truth That you are fair So heart to heart As one, a snare I shall have you My heart does dare Call me here, my pretty one.
J. (Farrell) Haveman 1999