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Bred Different...

Every now and then, I stop, look around and take stock of things impacting my life...

- The expectation that I should be a certain kind of wife and mother
- The complacency to allow my children to be raised by and overrun by a defective society that would ultimately shape their future
- The assumption that I should be able to have any material thing that I want
- The presumption that I should be able to have and dictate Christianity on my own terms

I could shrink back in fear, be overwhelmed and ultimately say -  "Well what can I really do?" Give up and that's it. But, as I was considering that option, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought You are willing to admit immediate defeat, when you haven't even suited up for a battle?

No Way.

I am not Super Mom, Soccer Mom, Hockey Mom, or any sports-related kind of Mom.  I am not Skinny Mom, Organic Mom, Helicopter Mom, Brainy Mom, Tech Mom, Buddy Mom or Pushover Mom. I strongly believe that my children should have boundarie…