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12 Things I Wish I Knew Before 32...A Birthday Manifesto of Sorts

I have come across some truths in life - gleaned from the little bit of experience I have started to collect. 

1. Assessing someone based on one meeting, one moment or even a lifetime of moments, is not nearly enough information to pass judgement least sit with them and have coffee first, truth of character is more easily ascertained over something hot and caffeinated. 

2. I am an introvert. It's not a disease, it's just a quieter form of existence. I accept it.

3. Experiencing love and laughter, grief and tears really does rub those rough edges off of the person I thought I was, and makes me the person that I was created to be.

4. Friendship isn't difficult to maintain when I only expect the other person to be who God created them to be.

5. My happiness depends on only one person: Me.

6. If, when I am standing up for myself, I demean the person I am standing up to, then I have only succeeded in diminishing my own character.

7. Forgiving people isn't just hard, it…

Hot Jambalaya!

This recipe has been one of our long standing favorites.  I happen to love it for a few more reasons than just its delicious flavor.  The first, is that not all slow cooker recipes are created equal - this is one of the greats.  The simple way it comes together, it can be prepared hours ahead of time, and the delicious aroma that floats around our house, makes it irresistible - especially on a cold, snowy winter's day.  Well fortunately, today is not one of those days, and even though we've had a few adventures with this meal - it won't cook if you don't plug in the cooker, and mistakenly putting a tablespoon of cayenne into the pot, instead of a tablespoon of paprika will SIGNIFICANTLY increase the spicy - it is my pleasure to share it with you dear reader.

Slow Cooker Jambalaya
(Adapted from Colleen's Slow Cooker Jambalaya on

2 Medium Onions Diced
4 Stalks of Celery Diced
2 Green Peppers Diced
2.5 Chorizo Sausages cut into rounds
8 Chicken Thighs c…

Adventures in Cooking: Indian Spiced Roasted Chicken

Ok, so I'm not a food blogger. I'm just someone who likes to blog (Is that a verb?). Anyway, there are times I find myself befuddled, with absolutely nothing profound to say, and yet, I have an insatiable desire to BLOG - about something, anything.  It seems that lately my life has been overwhelmed by being MOM, and so the only real thoughts I have about daily life are often wrapped up in mundane questions, like - when did the baby eat last? what time does the bus come? what on earth would make THAT stain? and most often -  what are we eating for dinner?

In answer to the last, pinterest has been a literal wealth of ideas and I am drawn to simple, unique recipes that my family might enjoy. Left up to my own dinner ideas, we would probably be eating a weekly rotating cycle of stirfrys, tacos, and pasta, so here's to something new. Since I like to use pinterest as more than just a place to organize pictures, I thought why not share some of these successes and failures? At leas…